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What is the chance for admission at top universities with poor GRE score?
Asked by: pradeey
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Posted on Tue, 23 Sep 2008 12:54:48 GMT
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Hi, my GPA is 3.9, my GRE score is 1060 which is poor, and I am expecting TOEFL score of above 100. What is my change for admission into top universities like University of Cambridge?

I was always best in my college in all aspects but the day I wrote GRE wasn’t mine. Always it has been an ambition for me to get into a top US university but all these got shattered when I screened my GRE score on that bad day. Then I thought that I should not give up my hope of learning at top university and therefore decided to see on the other side. Finally, I decided to march towards UK.

Please tell me if I have any possibility to get into top UK universities to compete with the heading world.

I felt good to know you didn’t give up. Actually, there is no reason to give up. Some top universities in USA like: Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Pennsylvania… doesn’t have any minimum GRE score requirement which enable students with low score in GRE to apply for admission. But getting admission at these universities is difficult. It is difficult not because of your low GRE score but because of number of students who apply for admission. Each student is better than others in this competitive age resulting very high competition for admission at top universities. However, I suggest you to apply for admission, if you’re lucky you’ll be selected.

Now you have thought to apply at university in UK. There are many good universities and some may offer you an admission. At top universities for popular programs, getting admission can be difficult. As for USA, some top universities like Cambridge, Oxford… don’t have any minimum GRE score requirement so you may apply. But whether you’ll be selected for admission or not is uncertain. Due to keen competition for admission, possibility to be selected for admission is extremely low.

If you want the other way to move into top universities, I suggest you to apply at low ranked university first and perform excellent there and finally transfer into a top university. This is one of the best ways to get into a top university because students who have excellent performance at British universities are generally selected for admission by top universities in UK.

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elearn answered 9 years and 6 months ago
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