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What is my change of getting into top 10 US Business Schools?
Asked by: ManisH15
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Posted on Sun, 27 Jul 2008 16:19:36 GMT
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Can anyone please tell me about my chances of getting into top 10 US business school? I have 7 years of accounting and finance experience. I have written books and several articles for leading new papers and magazines on finance and economics issues. I am also a cartoonist for a magazine and I have good extracurricular. I have done masters in business economics. I was not able to score good in Bachelors but I scored well in Masters. I have also cleared FRM and also completing CFA and CMA. I am 31 years old. Can anyone please suggest me if I should try for admission at top 10 business school or not? What are my chances of admission in top schools? Please help me out.

With your profile, you must get admission at top Business school. But your GMAT score will also count. For admission, get excellent references. Generally two references are required for admission (one academic and other professional reference is the minimum requirement). Other most important thing is an essay. Some schools ask for two or more essays for admission. These essays must be very impressive because when it come to top business schools, essays count the most. There are many examples where students are selected for admission because their essays were extremely impressive.

To secure your position, submit your application to more than one school. Donít hesitate to pay for application fee. Apply to at least 3 schools. If you think you can, apply to even more. While applying to big names like Stanford and Harvard, donít limit yourself into job. Donít say them youíll do MBA and join a high paid job. They want someone who can contribute the world. You must be able to show you have innovative ideas with which you can make your own identity in competitive world of business.

Go ahead, apply, Iím sure youíll make it.

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elearn answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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