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What is the process to get admission in UK universities?
Asked by: RAMESH
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Posted on Mon, 30 Jun 2008 13:06:34 GMT
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I would like to know the process to get admission in UK universities.

Process for admission at universities in UK varies depending upon course, level, and university you want to join in.

General admission process for undergraduate level:
To apply for admission in undergraduate level, you’ll have to submit your application to UCAS (University and College Admission Service). The application you send is forwarded to university or college for consideration after UCAS receives it.

Usually, you’ll have to fill up and submit only UCAS application form but in some cases you’ll also have to submit overseas application form of university you select.

Applying to UCAS is easy. It must be done online through UCAS website: There you’ll have to fill up online application form where you’ll need to enter University or College code which can be obtained by contacting them.

To apply online, you’ll have to pay £15 for multiple university, college, or courses but for single university, college or course you should pay £5.

When the university where you’ve applied receives your application, they’ll review it and decides either to accept you for admission or not. Sometimes you may even be called for an interview or entrance test.

If you’re selected for admission, university or college will send you a letter of acceptance through UCAS with which you’ll have to apply for UK student visa.

General admission process for postgraduate level

To apply for admission in postgraduate level, you must meet all the requirements of an institution you’ve chosen. I’ve mentioned some general requirements below:

English language requirement
UK universities ask for IELTS score to check ability of a student to conduct studies in English language. Most of the universities have minimum requirement of 6.0 score in IELTS test.

Professional requirement
Some courses including MBA require few years of experience before admission.

An essay
Almost all universities in UK ask for an essay which must describe you and your purpose of study. This essay must be impressive to get accepted for admission.

With completely filled application form, you’ll have to submit documents I’ve mentioned above to apply for admission. You may directly apply for admission to university or college you have selected.

Since requirements and process for admission may be different for different college or university, I suggest you to contact admission department of college or university you’ve selected for more information.

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EduExpert answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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