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Can I get a degree without studying?
Asked by: sharma
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Posted on Wed, 22 Oct 2008 14:34:40 GMT
Question Description
I received an e-mail saying I can get a degree without joining any college for studies. They say they can provide me with an original degree certificates if I pay them. Is it possible? Please suggest me. Do they really provide genuine degree which is recognized internationally? If so, why should we study? The offer seems to be funny but please tell me if such offers I receive are worthy. Thanks for suggesting me on this issue.

I have heard about such degrees but I donít know in detail about them. As much I know, e-mail you receive offering a degree without studying are spam. Such spam e-mails offer free degrees for MBA and other similar program. I donít know if they really provide a degree but Iím sure they arenít valuable at all. They may provide you with a certificate which isnít recognized elsewhere. Think, if you receive a degree without studying and proper qualification, what the value of that degree is. Degree proves you have knowledge of degree level youíve got. If you donít have any knowledge and still get a degree, what will you do of that degree? So, make sure not to get involved in such degree programs.

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abhijeet answered 9 years and 5 months ago
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