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How do I transfer to a different school?
Asked by: Voops
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Posted on Sat, 25 Aug 2012 03:41:42 GMT
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I'm from the US. I don't really like the school that I am currently enrolled in. This school is okay but it doesn't even offer the major that I want to graduate with. I have found a couple of universities that I may want to apply to, but can someone please tell me how can I transfer to a different school? Please tell me briefly about how hard it will be to transfer my credits from here to a different school. Thank you very much!

Transferring to a different school can sometimes be hectic. You may lose some of your very important college credits in the process. I have seen people who lost lots of credit hours when they transferred to a new school, so it took them really long to graduate. I think you look through some good schools within your state or neighboring states and then go ahead with the transfer process because schools that are close-by usually have similar curriculums, so you won’t lose much credit hour when you transfer.

Transferring process for different school can be different. It is comparatively easier for someone to transfer from university to a community college than to transfer from one university to another. Most universities have separate application deadlines for transfer students, which is usually after a freshman admission deadline. I suggest you to go through the university website and find the section that contains information for transfer students. Transfer procedure usually contains some basic steps like submitting your admission and sending them your financial information to show you have enough funds to cover your expenses that will incur while you are admitted to them. Most universities have some application fee that ranges from $10 to a few hundred dollars. Stay prepared to pay that fee, if you want to apply as a transfer student. Lol

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Marcel answered 5 years and 6 months ago
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