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Can HND holders do Masters without doing PGD in USA?
Asked by: Ikenna
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Posted on Sat, 29 Dec 2012 15:13:11 GMT
Question Description
I am a graduate of Public Administration with (HND) Upper credit and I want to do my masters degree in USA, I want to ask did I need to complete my PostGraduate Diploma (PGD) before proceeding to do my masters degree in USA

I want to know how system in the United States works for those with HND certificate, with my HND Result can I proceed to do my masters degree direct in any USA university without passing through any PGD program.

I need answer to this question.


I think some American universities do accept HND graduates into their Master's programs. It really depends on the university though. They seek a 4-year bachelor's degree for admission into Master's programs. Since most HND takes less than 4 years to graduate, there is a very little chance that any university will accept you for admission without a diploma. If you talk to the university officials and explain them your situation, they can take a look and tell you if they can accept you for admission. I suggest you to find some universities of your interest and ask them if they can accept you.

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Natalie answered 4 years and 10 months ago

The chances are quite slim since their educational system is different from what is obtainable in Nigeria and some other British colonies but I suggest you try the Scandinavian universities, they are more receptive and a point you might wanna make a transfer to the US. Take care man.

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Ray answered 4 years and 10 months ago
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