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Chances of Getting a Visa for NYIT
Asked by: sainath439
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Posted on Thu, 23 Dec 2010 15:18:04 GMT
Question Description
What is the chance of getting visa by applying to NYIT University? I have applied in NYIT university and therefore, want to know whether the university is good for academic purpose or not. And also, want to know about the impression of the university to consulars in the US embassy.

NYIT is a good school, but not very highly reputed, and the reputation of the school is not the only factor that affects your visa issuance possibilities.

Consular officers look at various factors before issuing you a visa, among which, three main factors are: your academic ability to complete the course, financial ability to afford studies and living, and your chances of returning home after completing your studies. If you fail to satisfy the consular in any of the above mentioned three factors, your visa will definitely be denied.

Talking about New York Institute of Technology, it seems like it has quite an expensive tuition fee for international students, therefore, obtaining a visa may be difficult if the school isnít offering you any scholarship.

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Govinda answered 7 years and 3 months ago
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