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What should I do to study Computer Programming in the US?
Asked by: owalaye
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Posted on Fri, 11 Mar 2011 12:58:45 GMT
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I would love to study computer programming in the US. But I do not know what I should do to study there. I am from Nigeria. Please suggest me.

Computer Science is the program that teaches and masters students about Computer Software Developments. So, I think you will be interested in joining a university that has a Computer Science program.

First of all, which level of studies have you completed in Nigeria? If you have completed just a High School level of studies, you should apply for a Bachelor’s Level. You should start looking for the universities that you might be interested in and that have Bachelor’s in Computer Science program. After you list the universities that you’re interested in, you might want to go through their admission requirements. Just in case you have any confusions about their programs, you can simply send them a query through an e-mail, as most of the schools respond to all the queries about the programs offered by them.

To be eligible for admission, you might have to take couple of tests. Depending on a university, to prove your academic abilities, you might require to take a SAT or an ACT test. Additionally, to prove your proficiency in English language, you will also have to take the TOEFL test, which is mandatory at almost all the universities and colleges in the US. Your scores in both SAT or ACT and TOEFL should exceed the minimum score required by the school for admission application.

In the same way, you will also have to prove your ability to pay for college fees and living expenses while you are in the US. The school will ask you for your bank balance certificate to verify if you have enough money to afford the expenses while you’re admitted as their student.

I think you should simply go through the university websites and look at the admission requirements and start preparing documents for application. The process shouldn’t be difficult. Sooner you start, easier it is. Good luck!

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EduExpert answered 7 years ago
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