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What are the admission requirements to study Aeronautical Engineering in US?
Asked by: Efe
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Posted on Thu, 5 Feb 2009 22:30:35 GMT
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I want to know about the prerequisites to get admission into a US university for Aeronautical Engineering. Please tell me about qualifications and identification documents I need for admission.

Which level do you want to get admitted in, undergraduate or graduate? Iíll try to give you some general requirements for both undergraduate and graduate level Aeronautical Engineering program.

Undergraduate level:
For undergraduate level admission into an Aeronautical Engineering program, youíll need:

Good high school GPA
Aeronautical Engineering is a very challenging program with very high competition for admission. There are limited universities or colleges which offer this program. At almost all universities, getting admission may not be easy. However, if you have a good GPA in you high school, you will have higher chance for admission.

TOEFL is required if you arenít from a English speaking nation. TOEFL score above 80 is preferred.

Some universities have mentioned SAT as a compulsory requirement for undergraduate level admission but at some universities it isnít compulsory. However, SAT will help you get some scholarships. And, it will also help you skip some placement tests.

Post graduate level:

Undergraduate grades
Youíll need good undergraduate level grades for sure.

Score of above 90 is preferred. However, some universities may ask for score above or below 90.

GRE test is almost compulsory, if you want admission into Aeronautical Engineering program.

General requirements:

Financial Ability
Aeronautical Engineering program is a expensive program. International students who choose to study this program must have a strong financial background. You must be able to spend above US$35,000 annually on living and fees.

Letter of recommendations
The university will like to get at least two letter of recommendations from your teacher.

At some university they require just one essay but at some, you may require more than one. The essay must clarify why you want to join the selected program and how will it benefit you in future. A good essay will also include why do you want to get admission at that particular university or college.

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selena answered 9 years and 1 month ago
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