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Requirements for PhD in Biotech from Germany
Asked by: vikastillu
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Posted on Sat, 7 Feb 2009 04:26:56 GMT
Question Description
I am doing MS in Biotech in India. I would like to know about the requirements to do PhD in Biotech from Germany. Also, tell me about fellowships offered in Germany.

In Germany, system to get PhD is quite strange. First thing you’ll need is a topic in which you want to do you PhD. The topic must be unique. To research on your topic, the professor will assist you. Before you can register with any university for PhD, you’ll have to find a professor.

To find a professor, who will assist you as a supervisor, you can find an articles or books written by a professor who has researched on topics related to yours. After you contact him, he’ll decide whether to accept you as his student or not. If he accepts you, the university selection team will look at your qualifications and decide whether or not to accept you for admission. Your topic must be interesting and you must have a Masters degree to get accepted.

Most of the students who join a PhD program get financial assistant from different organizations and German government.

You can learn in detail about PhD system and fellowships in Germany here:

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edu_consult answered 9 years and 1 month ago
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