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How much should I have as a bank balance to study abroad?
Asked by: KINGCHIG
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Posted on Tue, 26 Oct 2010 11:42:20 GMT
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The university I chose has USD 10,000 per semester as a tuition fee for the course I plan to study. How much money should I have in bank to get admitted in that university and to get visa for that country?

Universities generally admit international students based on their academic merit and financial positions. They would like to know whether their prospective students be able to pay the tuition fees and handle the incurring living costs. As a proof of financial ability, they look for the student's or their sponsor's bank balance. Most of the universities would like to see at least one year of tuition fees and living expenses as the bank balance to issue an offer letter to their international students.

Regarding visa, it is almost same. The visa officer of most of the countries would like to see sufficient fund at least to support their first year of studies. In addition, they would like to see source of continuing funding for the rest of the academic years. These days, visa officers are also facing with genuine bank balance documents issues. They will try to verify for the genuinity of your financial documents as much as possible.

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Mahadic answered 7 years and 3 months ago
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