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Monthly Cost of Living in New York City
Asked by: GreatGirl
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Posted on Sun, 15 Jun 2008 08:24:18 GMT
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What is the average monthly cost of living in New York City? How much in average an international spend montly to live in New York City? I'm planning to go New York to study, will I have to spend more that going to any other place in United States?

New York is among the most expensive cities in the world and most expensive city in United States. If you wish to live in New York, there is no doubt that youíll need to spend more than at any other place inside USA. Students usually find living cost in New York quite expensive but jobs are easy to find there which supports them financially to undertake their education there.

Now letís move to monetary figures:
Average cost for apartment with one bedroom in New York is $1500 for international students. Youíll be spending around $50 in Stationeries. It will cost you around $300 monthly for transport and $600 monthly for food.

These arenít the exact figures but are average figures to live in New York. These costs may increase or decrease according to place you choose to live and university you choose to study. You can usually minimize your cost of living in New York City by living a simple life and spending less on entertainment.

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InfoStore answered 9 years and 9 months ago

New York is the most expensive city in the US. It comes at the top of US expensive cities.

Average living cost of living in New York city-

Room and Board-$26,917
Personal Expenses-$5,500
Loan Fee-$203

TOTAL Living Expenses-$33,764

These are all 11 months cost.

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Mike145 answered 5 years and 4 months ago

The average monthly cost of living in New York City is $ 2500.

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X-masgift answered 5 years and 2 months ago
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