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Student living cost in New Zealand for International students and Earning made through Part-time Jobs
Asked by: anilch
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Posted on Sun, 6 Jul 2008 06:01:31 GMT
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What is cost of living for international students in New Zealand and what is an average earnings made through part-time jobs in New Zealand?

Here’s estimated monthly living cost for international students in New Zealand:

Accommodation: NZ $440-NZ $550
Food: NZ $220
Daily Expenses: NZ $290
Electricity, Telephone: NZ $90
Stationery: NZ $50
Insurance: NZ $36

This cost varies depending upon your lifestyle and place you choose to live within New Zealand.

For part-time jobs, students above 18 years old are paid minimum of NZ $ 10.25 per hour. However this may vary depending upon your skill and type of job you get.

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MyWorld answered 8 years and 11 months ago
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