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Question asked in Fees and Living Costs
How much does it cost to study in USA for an Indian student doing MS?
Asked by: ANUDEEP
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Posted on Sun, 29 Jun 2008 07:38:42 GMT
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I want to know about the particulars of the cost of stay in USA for Indian Students doing MS. How can we earn money for living and for paying fees? I have heard one can be relieved of his fee if he gets an assistantship. On what basis universities give assistantship? What are the prerequisites to avail this opportunity. Please provide me complete details regarding this issue.

Living cost for students in United States has large variation depending upon place chosen to study and live. I’ve mentioned some estimated costs of living for Indian student in United States here:

Accommodation: $400-$750
Food: $150
Telephone, TV, and Internet: $80
Fuel: $75
Electricity: $75
Water: $30
Stationery: $30
Entertainment: $35

All these costs are estimated monthly costs for Indian students in USA and may not be same for all depending on place students have chosen to live in. Living in Cities like New York, Los Angeles… is usually more expensive than living in small towns. In most of the cases – fuel, electricity, and water – costs are included with rent of an apartment.

The cost of living in USA highly depends on lifestyle of a student. Reducing life standard may help you reduce cost for living.

About assistantship:
Students who are in USA with F1 visa can work up to 20 hours per week. Generally, students are provided on-campus jobs which can be an assistantship too. There isn’t any special requirement to get assistantship. After you are in USA, you’ll have to apply for assistantship with your resume. In most universities, vacancies are notified to all through notice in a notice board. Students who are interested can apply for it.

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Kumar answered 9 years and 1 month ago
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