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Paying Tuition Fees by Working Part-time in Australia
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Posted on Thu, 3 Jan 2013 05:18:04 GMT
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I want to do Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering in Australia, and want to know how much an international student who does a part-time work can earn there. Also, what are the costs and fees that might incur to me as an international student per semester? Will it be affordable to Nepalese students?

Costs and fees widely vary depending upon the institution you choose to study, city you choose to live in, and your living standard. For accurate costs and fees, it is advised to check the respective website of the institution you are planning to attend.

Again, earnings in part-time job vary according to nature of job and specialization you possess. If you have specialized in any field, then you will be paid about AUD10-12 per hour but if you do not posses any specialized skills then you may get up to AUD 8 per hour for normal type of jobs.

In case of affordability, it again depends on your budget. But do not assume that you will be able to sustain your life without the financial help from your family. Many Indian and Nepalese students often make terrible mistake by assuming that they can afford living and studying abroad by earnings they made from part-time job. Most of such students are brainwashed by so called education consultancies. But you should not make such foolish mistake. Such consultancies exist to earn commission from each student they send (recruit) to their affiliated institution. They will try to brainwash and mold you to accept their reasoning. But think of their reasoning logically before making any big decisions.

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myhub answered 5 years ago
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