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Question asked in Fees and Living Costs
Is education free in Finland for Masters Level?
Asked by: Gopi
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Posted on Thu, 5 Feb 2009 17:23:04 GMT
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I want to know whether the Educational Institutions in Finland offer any free education for Masters Degree graduation. If yes, please provide me the names of some universities in Finland which offer free education.

Currently Iím doing BE in Computer Science (3rd year).

The education in Finland even for the Masters level is usually free. But free tuition doesnít mean completely free. You may need to pay for student union fee, living costs, books, and transportations. All these costs however come under Ä700 per month for an average type of student. If you are an outstanding student, the university may offer you free place to stay and it may also support you to get free food, books, and other resources.

But I have got some information about Finnish governmentís policy to be changed for international students after 2010. After 2010, students who are not from member nation of European Union may require to pay tuition fee for studying in Finland.

You said you are currently doing BE in Computer Science. Now if you want to continue to same in your Masters level, these universities may be appropriate:

University of Helsinki

University of Jyväskylä

University of Kuopio

Joensuun yliopisto

Helsinki University of Technology

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Govinda answered 9 years and 1 month ago

Several Masters level programmes are free of charge as well, however, some Masters may charge tuition fees from non-EU/EEA students. (NB: Erasmus Mundus Masters programmes always charge a tuition fee - see section Erasmus Mundus scholarships for information on Erasmus Mundus Masters and related scholarships)
Remember that even if the programme you are applying to does not charge tuition fees, you still need to plan your finances so that you will be able to independently cover your everyday living expenses during your studies in Finland.

You will not be charged any tuition fee, if you are
an EU/EEA citizen
a non-EU/EEA citizen permanently resident in Finland
a non-EU/EEA citizen and have started your studies in the Masterís programme in question before the introduction of tuition fees into that particular programme

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Chikanbarn answered 5 years and 4 months ago
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