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Question asked in Fees and Living Costs
Total Cost to Study MBA in Canada
Asked by: Pratigya
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Posted on Tue, 14 Dec 2010 09:03:10 GMT
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How much will I need in total to complete my MBA degree from any reputed business schools of Canada? I want to know, what is the average tuition fee in Canadian business schools for MBA programs? Also, what is the average living cost to stay in Canada for international student with normal living standard?

The costs for MBA programs in Canada vary greatly from institution to institution. Some of the institutions are very expensive while others are affordable. Total program cost in most of the universities in Canada is higher to international students than to their domestic counterparts because of their policies to add differential fees to all international students. The provincial governments in Canada provide aid to Canadian universities to cover the expenses made for provincial citizens. However, the provincial government doesn’t provide such aid to universities to cover the expenses made for international students, therefore, universities charges differential fee to students on visa to offset the incurred costs.

The MBA program costs average to approximately CA $30,000 in Canadian Business Schools. The most expensive MBA program in Canada is offered by Joseph L. Rotman Centre for Management, University of Toronto, whose total program cost is CA $94,186 to international students and the cheapest MBA program is offered by Memorial University of Newfoundland whose total program cost is CA $5,718.

You have asked about the living expense as well. Well, I have tried to separate different type of expenses that will incur to international students while their stay in Canada under different headings below:

Average Annual Cost of Living in Canada

Incidental Fees (student, society, and computer fees): CA $1,500
Health Insurance: CA $550
Educational Supplies: CA $1,200
Housing (electricity, heating): CA $3,500
Food: CA $3,000
Public Transportation: CA $600
Winter Clothing (coats, boots): CA $500
Personal Expenses: CA $1,500
Telephone, Internet, Cable: CA $850
Miscellaneous (unforeseeable expenses): CA $500
Total: CA $13,700

These figures are estimated average annual costs for a single full-time international student. The cost to married student living with a spouse will be higher. All figures are approximate. The exact figures can vary significantly depending on your lifestyle and needs (e.g., cooking at home versus eating outsite, taking public transportation or walking versus owning a car, sharing a house with roommates versus living alone in an apartment), and you may need less than the figures above if you live economically. Additionally, because of relocation costs, your first few semesters as a graduate student may be more expensive than normal.

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Currie answered 7 years and 2 months ago

Most of the MBA courses offered by the business schools of Canadian universities are at least 2 years in length. As per above answer by Currie, We'll need CAD$30,000 as a program fee and about CAD$ 27,000 as a cost of living for two years which totals CAD$57,000 to finish MBA program successfully in Canada. That is too much. It is better to get MBA degree from one of the finest universities here in India.

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Sheena answered 7 years and 2 months ago

The average cost to study MBA in Canada is $30,435-$31,856.

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X-masgift answered 5 years and 2 months ago
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