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Question asked in Fees and Living Costs
What is the living cost to study in USA for an international student?
Asked by: Joshi2010
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Posted on Wed, 20 Oct 2010 04:47:54 GMT
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Can someone please help me figure out the estimated living costs to study in the USA as an international student? How much will the monthly living expenses sum up to? What will be the costs for food, apartment rents, utilities, and other personal expenses be? Please help me.

It depends on various factors like the place you choose to live, services you decide to use, your spending habits, your living standards, and more. Living expenses in the cities are usually more than that in the rural areas. Below are some figures to help you estimate your possible expenses during ur stay in the USA as a student:

House rent:
$120-$200 (share apartment)
$400-$800 (single apartment)

Food: $150-$200
Utilities: $100-$150
Other Expenses: $60-$100

All the expenses mentioned above are the estimated values only. Your actual expenditure may be different than the range I've mentioned.

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Govinda answered 7 years and 3 months ago
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