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Do I need to take IELTS coaching classes?
Asked by: fairy
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Posted on Thu, 24 Jul 2008 02:55:18 GMT
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I want to know whether I require coaching classes to prepare for IELTS exam or not? Can we prepare at home? If IELTS exam requires coaching classes, please tell me which coaching centers are good for coaching in Hyderabad as there are many coaching centers in Hyderabad. If coaching is not required then please tell me which web sites provide me good coaching for preparing IELTS exam?

Thank you

It is not that you cannot prepare for IELTS without any coaching, but it is difficult to understand the test patterns on your own. There are several websites which can guide you but there is none in which you can completely depend on. If you want to prepare on your own, youíll need to buy an IELTS prep book which is quite expensive. Instead it will be better to join a coaching class.

I donít know much about coaching centers in Hyderabad. But I think this may be the center which can coach you:

First Academy
707, 708, Pavani Prestige,
R.S. Bros. Buillding,
Hyderabad 500016
Telephone: +91-40-23414456, +91-9866688666

Please donít depend completely on me to choose a best coaching center as I donít have good knowledge of it. Make sure you evaluate any coaching centers on your own before join them. Good coaching centers will provide you with IELTS preparation materials like Books, and CDs. So donít forget to ask them about their offering before joining them. Good Luck.

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Test_Spez answered 9 years and 8 months ago

I am a B.Tech student who needed 7 bands. I wrote my IELTS and got only 5.5 bands. My friends told me to join Mr.Shaik.R.Rahman's classes. After just 20 days of his coaching I got 7.5 bands. I would suggest you stop wasting time searching and join his classes for the best bandscore. Mr.Shaik.R.Rahman is trained and certified by The British Council.

Contact: Mr.Rahman on 9700300966

Love u all,
Shania Joseph

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Shaniahyd answered 7 years and 3 months ago

Hi Shania,
Thank you for your suggestion. I took my coaching from Rahman sir and I got my 7.5 band score for my Immigration.

Thank you once again

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Anvesha answered 7 years and 2 months ago

Dear fairy,

Please visit People's Career once. They have a very good team for coaching IELTS. First they will perform an assessment of you, and then they will advice whether you require coaching for IELTS or not. The assessment will be free of cost. They are located at Lakdi-ka-Pul. You can contact them on 8374545621
or you may even visit their website:

I actually attended an IELTS class in People's career and I got the required bands for my Immigration. So, before joining anywhere, please visit People's Career.

Take Care!

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Faizankhan answered 6 years and 11 months ago

If you want IELTS Coaching Centers in Hyderabad please contact People's Career. They will guide you weather you have to join coaching for IELTS or you can directly go for you exam. You can contact them by calling to 837-454-5621 or by visiting If you need any more information, please give me email and also you can give my reference to them. I got 7 bands after joining People's Career. my name is Fatima Junaid.

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Fatimaa answered 6 years and 11 months ago


Everyone beware, the so called Mr.Shaik R Rahaman is doing fake publicity to garner more business,there by duping students off their hard earned money and time.

He is cheating every one by creating fake IDs like Anvesha,Shania Joseph, Asima Mehmood, and many other,using them to post fake appraisals and advertisement for himself.

He is using these fake IDs on most of the education forums and portals to post comments such as the above ones. Using these fake IDs he is falsely advertising that students even with average english are getting more than 7 bands in IELTS by taking his classes.

This is very unethical and fraudulent operandi to advertise for oneself and spoiling aspiring students career by creating false hope for them.

I ask Anvesha, Shania Joseph and Asima Mehmood to post the scan copies of their IELTS score card to prove themselves and if they are real. (Look at the above notes posted by Shania Joseph and Asima Mehmoodd, they both have the same format and structure because they are one and the same person.

MR. so called SHAIK R RAHMAN, I request you to stop cheating us students with you false and unethical tactics.

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divyan answered 6 years and 8 months ago

There are many coaching centers for IELTS in the market, but we need good trainers contact people's career for IELTS or GRE Training they really have very good team of trainers, I got 8 bands in my IELTS after joining people's career and now I will get my immigration for Australia, if you want you can visit there and check my score card, and the important is almost all my batch got not less than 7 bands in IELTS,you can contact them on 8374545621 or 9502843093 [url][/url]
Peopleís Career Consultancy

Flat # 3,First floor,Door#6-2-30/c3,
Beside Lotus Hospital, Ortho Care Building,
Lakdi-ka-pul, Khairtabad,Hyderabad-500004,
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Phone: +91-40-42014597
Email: [email][/email]
Website: [url][/url]

Please visit people's Career before joining any other institute

Thank you People's Career


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srinivas78 answered 6 years and 5 months ago
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