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Question asked in Online Education
What are the benefits of Online Education?
Asked by: McOnline
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Posted on Sun, 15 Jun 2008 13:42:57 GMT
Question Description
What are the benefits to study Online? Why is Online Education becoming more and more popular? What does Online Education contains which attracts students from country like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal?

Why are students attracted to study online?
There are several advantages of online education over traditional type of classroom education due to which students from all over the world are attracted to it. Over 70 percent of US universities offer online education. By participating an online education program, students can study any time they like from anywhere. They also can study in the way they like. Each student has different style of studying, with online education; all students can study in their own style because they’ll have to study on their own.

The lectures and required information are available online which generally is accessible from any part of the world. The only thing student will require is an internet connection. If students have an internet connection, they can even access every book at the university library. While studying online, students get to interact with other students and share ideas with others frequently through discussion forums and chat rooms. They can even talk to their lecturers at specified time and put on their problems to lecturers any time they wish to, and they’ll be solved without any delay.

Though fees and admission process are same, in online education, you can stay in your own country and you’ll not ever require leaving your country. If you are from underdeveloped country, you might require paying higher living cost if you had to go abroad to developed countries to study but while studying online, you’ll be living in your own country and will not be spending extra money for living.

Due to these reasons, number of students obtaining degree online is increasing every year. Today, students from several countries including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, France, Netherlands, Spain, and China are pursuing their education online. They all seem to be satisfied and even I am trying to join them. So why do you delay to join me?

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ukstudy answered 9 years and 7 months ago

1-Degree Programs and Classes Offered
2-Lower Costs
3-No Sitting in a Classroom
4-Choosing Study Times
5-Flexibility in Completing Assignments

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zaidi111 answered 5 years and 9 months ago

Online education can save you a lot of time.

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sultan111 answered 5 years and 9 months ago

Benefits of Online Education-
1: It provides the comfort of learning from your home.
2: It provides flexibility to the students and they can learn whenever they want.
3: Focused learning.
4: It is vastly less expensive.
5: The best benefit of Online education provides the facility to the students is that in this students can learn at their own pace.

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Michael22 answered 5 years and 6 months ago

Online education isn’t the best choice for everyone. But, many students thrive in the online education environment. Here are some
reasons why online education continues to grow in popularity.

Enhancing student-to-student and faculty-to-student communication.

Students share perspective

Instructors are more accessible

Enabling student-centered teaching approaches

Accommodate different learning style

Provide opportunities for exploration
Students experience a sense of equality

Encourage additional rehearsal time

Providing 24/7 accessibility to course materials

Continual access to material

Remove reliance on physical attendance

Providing just-in-time methods to assess and evaluate student

Adds pedagogical benefit

Reducing amount of faculty time spent on administrivia

Utilize time efficiently

Maximize the classroom experience

Reduce faculty workload

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Chikanbarn answered 5 years and 2 months ago
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