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Sample Responses for TOEFL Independent Speaking Topics
Asked by: Inasime
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Posted on Fri, 14 Jan 2011 04:19:56 GMT
Question Description
I want sample answers on the following topics:
Favourite Hobby Reading
Favourite Book
Happiest Childhood Memory(Dolls)
National Holiday Independence Day
Which do you prefer high or low paid job?
A place you would recommend to foreign visitors

Hi, independent speaking reponses are just like your high school essays. The points to remember are:

1.) Always speak 6 - 7 sentences(In 1 min u can only speak upto 7 sentences max).
2.)There should not be any grammatical mistakes & response shuld be coherent(relating to topic given).
3.) Start immediately once recording time starts after the beep.(You may take little pauses in between if u want).
4.) Speak a bit loud to adjust ur voice to record modulation.

Tips:1.) Repeat the question as answer, that serves as introductory point - 1.
2.)Always say 3 - 4 points in support & 1-2 points in discord or vice-versa.
3.) Always conclude the essay - 1.(So total 7 points).

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34 answered 3 years and 11 months ago
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