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How to study MBA in Germany?
Asked by: Abdul
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Posted on Fri, 30 May 2008 06:21:00 GMT
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I want to study MBA in Germany but I do not know how to start procedures to study in Germany? Which university would be best for me? How to apply in that university? How to apply for visa? Can any body help me answering these questions?

Studying MBA in Germany for international student is not so difficult task. However, international students must take special attention and should follow some steps, procedures and guidelines provided here to get admitted in Universities of Germany and to get student Visa. As we all know, to study in any university, you have to get enrolled in that university. In the same way, to study MBA in Germany, you need to get enrolled in any German University. Enrollment in German University is followed by these important steps:

Step 1
Meeting the Entry Requirements of German Universities:

To study MBA in Germany, first of all, you must know whether you meet the basic entry requirement or not.
The minimum entry requirement for international student is that they must have successfully completed their bachelorís degree in business related subjects. The bachelorís degree they have attended must be of at least three years of duration and have been followed by at least 12 years of schooling (12+3) or four years of studies following 11 years of schooling (11+4). And such bachelorís degree has to be a regular program offered by an acknowledged university. Moreover, to be eligible to study MBA in Germany, International Student must have at least 2 years of work experience in related field followed by strong English language proficiency. This language proficiency would meet the minimum of 540 score on Paper based TOEFL.
If you meet the above entry requirements, then door for further step of making an application is open for you.

Step 2
Making an Application:

Making an application is the important step to join German University for MBA studies. Most of the German Universities asks to fill application form in writing and submit it with other required supporting documents by post while some of the universities may ask to fill online application forms and submit other required documents through some online methods like email attachments, online upload, etc. In general, the application deadline for MBA in most of German Universities is 15th May for winter semester.
The essential documents while making an application are:
-Completely filled Application Form with required no. of Photographs
-Xerox copies of previous Academic Certificates (School Leaving Certificates, Higher Secondary Education Certificates, and Undergraduate/Bachelorís Degree Certificates) that is a certified by German Government. The only place where international student can certify their photocopies are German Embassy and Consulates.
-Curriculum Vitae
-Proof of English Language Proficiency
-Letter of Motivation
-Reference Letters
-Documentation of Employment
-Financial Statement showing enough funds to cover required Tuition Fees and Living Costs

Step 3

Every year, very large number of international student applies in each German Universities teaching MBA in English language. Thatís why, once you submit application to your chosen German University, they will review your application and select you on the basis of rankings. Rankings are done on the basis of scores on previous studies, scores on TOEFL/IELTS, and other documents submitted with application.

Step 4

The international applicants who met the application deadline, who have met the entry requirements of the University and who have been successful during selection process will receive the letter of admission from the university. Once you accept the admission proposal for MBA Study from German University, you are almost done with your MBA studying dream in Germany.

Step 5
Apply for the Visa/Residence Permit

Any international students from other than EU countries, to stay in Germany for more than three months need a residence permit. International student can apply for visa and residence permit in German Embassy or Consulate of their own home country.

The documents required to apply for German Visa:

-Completely filled visa application form with required number of passport sized photographs
-The letter of admission provided by the University offering MBA
-Proof of English Language Proficiency
-Financial Statement showing enough funds to cover required Tuition Fees and Living Costs. Generally, International student must show proof that they can cover an average tuition fee of around Ä 4500 per semester of their study period and Ä 550 per month to cover their living cost in Germany
-Copies of Previous Academic Certificates
-Proof of Health Insurance

Step 6
Flying to Germany

If German Embassy consulates finds international student to be genuine and eligible to study in Germany, they will issue German Visa /Residence permit for required period of study. Then, you can finally be able to fly Germany to study MBA in your chosen University.

Step 7

Once you reach your university, you now have to enroll to be the legitimate student of University.

The documents required for Enrolment are:
-Completely filled Enrolment Form
-Letter of Admission
-Proof of Health Insurance
-Original Previous Academic Certificates
-Proof of Language Proficiency

Once you get enrolled, now you are done with your MBA study in Germany.

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edu_consult answered 9 years and 9 months ago
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