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What are reasons to study in USA?
Asked by: sujan
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Posted on Wed, 2 Jul 2008 17:04:17 GMT
Question Description
What specialty is found in America that other countries don't have? What makes USA first choice for MBA programs?

Not only one reason makes USA best destination for MBA. If you search for the reasons, you will find plenty of reasons “Why to Study in USA?” Anyway, these are the some of the most important reasons which made most students study in USA.

High Standard Education
US educational institutions provides high standard of education. The academic reputation of US universities worldwide is very high due to their extreme quality education. If you look at the list of top ranked universities worldwide, you’ll see most of the universities from US. The educational standard is high because the courses are updated time to time as per requirement. The class size in US universities is normally small. Faculty members are friendly, caring and always willing to solve the problem of a student. They give individual attention to every student under their supervision.

Career Prospect
US degrees are highly respected and recognized worldwide. Most of the well known international multinational companies and other reputed companies worldwide are eager to make the US graduates work for them. Mostly the fresh graduates from well recognized universities in USA have no time to rest at all. International companies are lined up to recruit the graduated student in to their companies. US degrees are the prospect for the high salary paying jobs. The US qualification is the strong foundation for future building and career boosting of a student.

Lifetime Experience
Studying in US will be the life time experience for any international student. Student will have wonderful opportunity to know and understand the American lifestyle, diverse cultures, natural beauties, and so on.

Developing English Skills
Studying in USA is a wonderful opportunity to increase the proficiency in English. Nowadays, English is mandatory in every sector. Without English, it is almost impossible to achieve you high end goals. Speaking English fluently, reading and writing well, and listening and understanding effectively are only possible if you have English Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening environment. US is the place where student can find good environment around them to develop their English language better than ever before.

International Horizon
US is an international hub for many things. US consist of multicultural population. US is the most influencing economic power in world. US is home to many international multinational companies. Student can utilize their US stay to closely monitor how these giant companies operate their business worldwide effectively, how they utilize their resources to meet their corporate goal. These monitoring could be fruitful for any student for their growth in future.

Worldwide Network
There are many international students from different countries studying in US universities. While studying, international student will have golden opportunity to meet and understand the people from around the world. They will have great chance to make friends worldwide. These friends could be used for any purpose at different places throughout the life.

These are some of the important reasons for “Why to Study in USA”.

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MyWorld answered 9 years and 8 months ago

NONE...NONE AT ALL....they just got extremely tough visa restrictions...i dunno why kids are hungry to study in USA....there are other country's who respect students..

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ashu answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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