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Which Country is better among Australia, the UK, and the USA for international student?
Asked by: Niraula
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Posted on Wed, 11 Aug 2010 04:51:20 GMT
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I have completed my +2 level in science faculty. I want to pursuit my further studies abroad. My parents are willing to send me abroad for my bright future. But, I don't know anything about studying abroad. Which country is best for me among Australia, UK and USA? Which country is easy to process for the student visa? I want to study either IT or Computing. Please suggest me.

In my view, USA is the best for international students in terms of the quality education, lower tuition fees in universities, higher part time jobs availability, more scholarships and financial aid provisions, and favorable studying environment. But, in terms of visa acceptance rate, it is very hard to obtain a student visa for USA these days.

Australia is also good for international students but the tuition fees in well-known universities and living expenses there is considerably higher than in US. Student visa regulation has been tightened. So, there are very less possibilities for international students now.

Reputation of UK universities is very good. But the tuition fees in UK universities are high. Most of the international student seems to have applied for the less known small colleges which have lower tuition fees. But they may not be good in terms of providing quality education. However, in terms of getting student visa, UK is the easiest among these three countries. The regulation has been tightened for non-EU international students. But still there are lots of possibilities of getting student visa.

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flyAbroad answered 7 years and 6 months ago

Many a times we are confused with what is the best option among these countries. Whether we will have better opportunities when we go abroad. I had the same question and I was skeptical too.
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Shaniahyd answered 6 years and 9 months ago
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