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Scholarship for International Students in UK for MBA
Asked by: MBA_UK
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Posted on Sat, 5 Jul 2008 07:37:37 GMT
Question Description
Is there any scholarship and financial aids available for international students to study MBA in UK? Do any UK universities award any scholarship, financial aid or tuition waiver for Indian Students? How can international Indian student get scholarship or financial aid or tuition waiver to study MBA in UK Universities? Is there any provision for getting scholarship to study MBA in UK provided by British or Indian Government? I am Indian student from an Ahmedabad willing to study MBA in reputed universities or business schools of UK like London Business School, Imperial College, Edinburgh University, etc. I found the tuition fee for MBA programs on these universities and schools very high. I may not be able complete my life long dream to study MBA in UK due to such a high cost. Can anyone provide me any idea to get scholarship or any sort of financial aid and tuition waiver in these universities?

Generally, international students are not awarded any scholarship for MBA programs in UK. Most of the international students who join MBA Schools in UK are self-funded. However, there may be some scholarships and financial aid programs available in different universities and business schools of UK for international students. Student with good academic background and performing well during their studies may get tuition waiver while studying in UK institutions. You can directly contact the related business school for more information regarding scholarship and financial aids available in their institution.

Even if any scholarship or financial aid is not available, most MBA student gets good jobs in UK while studying with a good payout. So, there’s nothing to worry even if you do not get any scholarship or financial aid. After all, once you get MBA degree from reputed university of UK, you will no longer be free from work as many reputed companies and organization are looking for fresh and talented MBA graduates from reputed UK business schools.

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Kumar answered 9 years and 7 months ago

Yes, not through thier educational board. I am Pakistani student and want MBA from UK through scholarships.

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kal2m answered 7 years and 4 months ago
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