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Question asked in Scholarships and Financial Aid
Where can I search for scholarships to study in USA?
Asked by: Monica
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Posted on Mon, 13 Oct 2008 11:56:41 GMT
Question Description
Will someone please guide me about methods to search for scholarships to study in USA? Iím planning to get my degree in Psychology from US universities. If possible, I also want to apply for scholarship for Psychology program. So kindly give me links to websites where I can search for scholarships to study in USA. Is there any method of getting scholarship without searching for them in scholarship search websites? Please give me information regarding this issue.

There are many websites which offer free scholarships search service. You can get scholarship by searching for scholarship program suitable for you. Iíve listed some websites for searching scholarships below:

Lots more scholarship search websites are listed at this page:

You can also get scholarships and financial aid by directly contacting your school because they may have scholarship programs suitable for you.

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InfoStore answered 9 years and 5 months ago

There are quite a lot of websites that allow you to search for available scholarships in the US basing on various categories. Among such websites, I find most useful and authenticate. Good luck!

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Study answered 7 years and 3 months ago
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