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How to request a printed prospectus?
Asked by: theHero
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Posted on Thu, 19 Jun 2008 16:25:31 GMT
Question Description
How do I order a printed prospectus of British universities? I saw a prospectus in a library few days ago. It was ordered by the library. How did they do that? Is it possible to order prospectus through e-mail?

Requesting a printed prospectus for British University isn’t difficult at all. Just visit a website of a university from which you want to receive a printed prospectus and order it there.

I’ll explain you a process to request a prospectus for Sheffield University. For other universities, the process is usually similar.

Processes to order prospectus (The University of Sheffield used as an example):

Process 1
1. Go to
2. Search for keyword “Sheffield University Prospectus Request”
3. Click on the relevant link from the list
4. I chose prospectus request for Undergraduate Level
5. Insert your name and address with all other required information in form that appears
6. Choose the subjects you want to receive prospectus on
7. Order your prospectus

Process 2
1. Go to
2. Click on Courses and Prospectuses
3. Under Order a Prospectus tag choose either Undergraduate or Postgraduate level
4. Enter the required information in a form
5. Choose required courses
6. Order your prospectus

The process to order prospectus is usually similar in all British Universities. But there might be slight difference in navigation of website. However, I hope you can do it now.

The prospectus you request will be sent to you in mailing address you’ve provided. Generally, it will take two weeks for a prospectus to arrive in your mailing address.

About requesting a prospectus through email, it is possible for some universities. You’ll have to send e-mail to admission or international students department of university to order a prospectus including courses you require and your complete name and addresses.

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EduExpert answered 9 years and 7 months ago
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