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Employment Opportunities for MBA Student in UK
Asked by: Samuel
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Posted on Tue, 8 Jul 2008 03:49:55 GMT
Question Description
Do the MBA students graduated from UK Business Schools get employment / job opportunities in UK companies or UK business organizations? What are the chances for international students to get good work opportunities in Britain after completing MBA Studies from UK business studies? Can international student get equal job opportunities as UK nationals? How long can foreign student work in UK after graduating from MBA Business Schools and Colleges of UK? For how many years do international MBA student get work permit after graduating from UK Business Universities and Colleges?

Hi Samuel

Good question and one that can't really be fully answered - there are many what's, if's and but's. A lot too depends on your nationality - are you an EU national? If so, everything will be much easier for you. Also depends on your current work history - have you worked for a large, respectable company in your country?

The benefits of the MBA qualification vary too, depending on which UK University you attend. Quite obviously, an MBA from Cambridge or London Business School is viewed differently by employers than an MBA from a smaller, ex-polytecnic. What universities have you been considering Samuel?

MBA courses are brilliant because they bring people together from all walks of life and from many different cultures. Therefore the opportunities to network and meet you people are profound. You should really make the most of your course and not just study Ė make sure you talk to everyone and you never know what doors may open.

You do of-course, become a more attractive employee with the right MBA. However, in the labour market in general, UK companies tend to hire employees from with the EU region. This is because they invest heavily in training and development and donít want employees to leave after 1 year when their visa expires.

With regards to your visa questions Ė I am not qualified to provide you with advice. But, the visa you will need to research is called the Post-Study Visa. It is part of the new Tier 1 scheme. Check out the UK Border Agency website for more info:
The address is:

Hope this proves to be useful as an introductory answer to your questions. If you come back and post some more details then Iíll happily respond.



blog: uk student news and events

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ukstudent answered 9 years and 8 months ago

Silly me, got the link wrong in the post. blog is here:

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ukstudent answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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