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How long can international student work in UK after completion of studies?
Asked by: SAAD0558
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Posted on Wed, 29 Dec 2010 11:04:37 GMT
Question Description
I will be doing further studies in UK. My age is 15 now and I will be 16 next year. So if I complete my studies in UK, will they give me citizenship as I was under 18? I want to become cardiologist (heart specialist). Will I get suitable job related to my studies after completion of my studies? How long can I stay working after completion of my studies?

Hello Saad, you will not be granted a citizenship of UK even if you are under 18 years and even if you successfully complete your studies in UK. International students are treated as just the international students in UK - nothing more or less than that.

Students who have completed their degree and whose university registration has ended may ordinarily work full-time for the remainder of the period of student leave to remain in the UK, this not exceeding 4 months.

If you complete your undergraduate level, you will have time till 31 October following end of university registration. If you complete your postgraduate level, you will be provided 4 months time after end of university registration. A student visa is not valid beyond these dates.

However, if you find a sponsor after completion of your studies who is willing to recruit you in their job, your visa can be changed to work visa on their request.

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Nimbalkar answered 7 years ago

As long as you want, if you stay illegally. Hehe

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Maileen answered 7 years ago
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