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Will I be able to cover all my expenses by working while studying?
Asked by: ujay2010
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Posted on Thu, 13 Jan 2011 22:14:44 GMT
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As an international student, will I be able to the cover the educational and living expenses by working while studying? I will use money from home to pay my first session tuition and fees.

Yes, it is possible to cover all the expenses working while studying. Majority of the students from developing countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc are doing the same. They use the funds from home just to pay for the initial fees to the universities. Rest of the expenses, they manage by themselves.

You have not clarified where you want to study. But the top destinations for the international students from these developing countries are USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. You must have selected one of these countries too. It is easier in USA than in any other countries for international students to cover all their expenses working while studying. The job opportunities are good. And the quality of the job is good too. The living expenses are considerably low. In UK, getting job is very difficult nowadays. The pay rates are low too. In Australia, it is same. You will have difficulty in finding the appropriate job. Canada is wonderful destination to go. It is easier to find job in Canada. The living cost is also low in comparison to above countries. But the problem is in getting student visa. It is very difficult to get Canadian student visa for bachelor's program. There is a bit high chance of getting visa for master's program though.

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rockwell answered 7 years ago
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