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Accommodations, Part-time Jobs and Average Salary in Singapore
Asked by: Sayani
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Posted on Mon, 23 Aug 2010 05:22:04 GMT
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I got admission in Singapore. I want to know about the accommodations, part-time jobs, and average salaries that international students get there.

International students generally do not have complete picture of the place abroad where they are going to pursue their further studies. Along with the excitements and opportunities, the unfamiliarity, troubles and homesickness begin, as they begin their new life in the new environment.

The main problem they face at the very beginning stage of their learning journey is accommodation problems. It is often difficult for international students to arrange their accommodations from their home country.

One of the important arrangements you are required to make while you are living away from your home country is accommodation. It is not possible to make long term accommodation arrangements while you are still at your home. You will have different options available for you to accommodate in Singapore. You may have some necessities, choices, circumstances which you may not be able to clearly know on your residence abroad while you are at your home. Therefore, most of the international students arrange for temporary accommodation before they leave their homeland and later find ideal accommodation that suits their personality and lifestyle.

Mostly, Singaporean educational institutions themselves arrange short term accommodation to their international students through their international studentís offices. You can talk directly to your institution regarding your short term accommodation. As another option, you can also call the 'Singaporean Student Services Hotline' at 6831 3764 or you can visit their website for the necessary assistance regarding your accommodation needs. Once you reach your destination and begin to stay on temporary lodgings, you will have sufficient time to find the ideal and permanent accommodation that suits your requirements and lifestyle. There is a wide variety of accommodation types available to you in Singapore depending on your ability to spend and your personal lifestyle. The options available to international students are housing development board flats, private apartments, condominiums, homestays, boarding schools, hostels, halls of residence, and serviced apartments. All these options are open to you as well. But the decision to choose among these depends on your personal lifestyle and your budget.

The most affordable option is to rent flats or rooms from tenants of housing development board flats. These flats are handed by government body called Housing Development Board (HDB) to Singaporean people at the subsidized price. You can have quality of life in such room or flat as the quality level is well maintained by the government body themselves. However, you should consider seeing the contract papers and legal limitations on the landlord before renting it. It costs about S$250 per month to rent the single room and S$1,000 per month to rent the whole flat in such HDB flats.

Other option is to rent a privately owned apartment or house directly from the owner. Renting this type of apartment is a bit expensive. However, costs can be minimized by sharing apartment with other friends and students. It costs from S$1,300 to S$4,000 per month to rent such apartments.

Another option available to you is homestay. It is the type of accommodation in which you rent a bedroom and share the household facilities. There are lots of families in Singapore willing to share their houses with international students. You can have valuable insights on Singaporean culture and tradition by living with such families. It costs about S$500 to S$1,000 per month under this option.

There are options to stay at hostels as well. There are different types of hostels depending on level and range of services they provide. They can be from basic board to full range of supplementary student support services. Most common services offered by Singaporean hostels are laundry services, meals, computer facilities, and television. It costs about S$140 to S$440 per student per month depending on the number of students sharing the room.

If you have good spending capacity, then serviced apartments make a convenient option as well. These serviced apartments are very comfortable to stay. These apartments are fully furnished like a normal home and have hotel-style services. You will find a complete range of choices from the luxurious to the basic, from studios to penthouses, within the city center or in suburban districts. It costs about S$3,000 to $6,000 per month to stay on serviced apartments.

Part-Time Jobs
All full-time international undergraduate and graduate students of universities and polytechnics of Singapore are allowed to work part-time for up to 16 hours per week during study session and full time during vacations. You are not required to obtain any permits and permissions from any government and educational organizations to work in Singapore.

Salary depends upon the type of skill you have and the place where you get your job. In general, international students earn a minimum of S$5 per hour working part-time. It means you will earn at least S$320 per month if you work part-time for 16 hours per week.

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