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Information on Information Technology and its Scope
Asked by: Astitow
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Posted on Thu, 18 Sep 2008 15:04:26 GMT
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What is information technology? Give me its detail information with history. What is its scope? Please give me the detail information and history of Information Technology with its scope.

Information Technology is related to computer science. In Information Technology program, students study about computer system - both hardware and software. Database Management, Computer Engineering, Programming, IT Security, and Networking are some of the important parts of Information Technology. You can learn more about information technology at the Wikipedia page here:

Now let’s talk about scope for Information Technology. In today’s modern world, information graduates have higher career prospect that the graduates of any other program. Information Technology has very high influence in today’s life. Information Technology graduates are wanted everywhere: in banks, ISPs, schools or any other firms. You must have heard about IT industry and their growing reach. Look at Google, Yahoo, Intel, Microsoft, Sun, Lenovo, Dell, AMD, and lot’s more – all these are IT based companies. In recent years, IT has produced more globally renowned organization than any other sector has. By these facts, we can consider IT as one of the brightest course in today’s competitive global market.

Despite of these facts, your future depends on your knowledge and quality too. More ability you posses, more will your prospect be.

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elearn answered 9 years and 6 months ago
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