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What are the types of MBA?
Asked by: ukguide
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Posted on Wed, 18 Aug 2010 08:18:45 GMT
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I am making my mind to do MBA from any of the reputed universities in the world. I heard that there are different types of MBA. Please provide me all the types of MBA courses available in the world so that I will be able to evaluate each of these MBA types and choose the best suitable for me.

There are 7 types of MBA courses available. They are as follows-
1:Full Time MBA course- This course normally take place over two academic years i.e approx. 18 months.
2:Part Time MBA-this programs normally last for 3 years or more than that. In this programs, classes must be on week day evenings, or after working hours or on weekends.
3:Executive MBA (EMBA)- This program allows the students to earn their MBA degree or another business related graduate degree in two years or less than that while working full-time and this program is generally developed to meet the educational requirements of executives and managers.
4: Distance learning MBA programs- This programs is off-campus and in this, students
can complete their graduation through online
or offline computer courses, or by postal mail or email, live teleconference, or by any other communication methods.
5:Blending learning- This program is upgraded version of distance learning. In this , distance learning has been combine with face to face instructions. This programs is generally best suited to professionals workers who are unable to attend the part time MBA programs.
6:Joint or Dual MBA- This program let you to study two different courses such as MBA with MA, or MBA with MS, etc. It also helps students to save money and time on education.
7:Mini MBA- This programs is non-credit bearing and requires even less than 100 hours of total learning. This is for non-profit and for-profit institutions who only focused on the fundamentals of business.

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Michael22 answered 5 years and 7 months ago

Types Of MBA-

1. Two Year(Full Time) MBA- is of 18 months.
2. Part Time MBA- is of 3 years or more.
3. Executive MBA- is of 2 years or less while working full time.
4. Distance learning- Off Campus,
5. Blended learning- distance learning but face to face instruction. For those who unable to attend part-time programs.
6. Dual MBA- combine package. A person can study for 2 degrees. Less cost course.
7. Mini MBA- Non credit bearing programs, requires less than 100 hours of learning.
8. Accelerated MBA- involves higher course load with more intense class and examination schedules.

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Mike145 answered 5 years and 4 months ago

MBA has been sub divided into different sub categories-

Full Two year MBA
Distance Learning MBA
Dual MBA
Part time MBA
Blended Learning
Mini MBA
Executive MBA

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Honey123 answered 5 years and 3 months ago

There are six types of MBA:
-2 year or Full time MBA
-Accelerated MBA
-Distance learning MBA-
-Executive MBA
-Part Time or Weekend MBA
-Dual MBA

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X-masgift answered 5 years and 2 months ago
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