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What are tips to score more in SAT Test?
Asked by: Sonia15
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Posted on Tue, 17 Jun 2008 02:32:05 GMT
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What are trick and tips to score more in SAT Test? How can I increase my SAT score? What are the techniques that will help me score higher in SAT Test?

SAT is required to get admission in USA at undergraduate level. To score more in SAT, you must understand that SAT is different from your previous High school tests. It is a standardized test and youíll score only if you give correct answers.

Step by step tips for SAT:

Read instructions thoroughly
Instructions are always same for SAT test; learn them before the test so that youíll not waste any time on your test day reading the instructions.

While answering answer patiently
Donít get hurried to answer questions and avoid funny mistakes. Try predicting answers before looking at the options.

Answer easy questions first
Read thoroughly all the questions and mark the questions you feel easier and answer them first. Later return to the harder problems if you have time.

Guess well
Even though there are negative markings for each wrong answer, try guessing some answers. Sometimes it is good to take risks.

Time management
While preparing for test, use a timer to finish your practice tests on time. If you will finish your practice tests on time, youíre more probable to finish your real test on time too.

Use elimination rule to difficult questions
If you find some questions difficult and donít remember or know the answer for it, then try using elimination rule by eliminating the wrong answers. For this, among four options, eliminate the answers you feel are wrong. If you can eliminate three wrong answers from the option, the remaining one is the correct answer.

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EduExpert answered 9 years and 9 months ago
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