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Low IELTS Band Score Solution
Asked by: mow69
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Posted on Tue, 17 Jun 2008 07:48:30 GMT
Question Description
I am from Qatar. I recently took part in IELTS test and now I have result of that test in my hand. Unfortunately, I scored low score in IELTS of just 5.5 overall band score. 6.0 in Writing Module, 5.5 in Listening Module, 5.0 in Reading Module, and 4.0 in Speaking Module. I am not satisfied with the score I got because I have prepared well for it and gave the test nicely. It is possible to get 4.0 in Speaking Module as I have not performed well on it. But, the score in other three modules is too low than I have expected. Can I request to recheck my IELTS answer sheets? Is it possible for me to get admission with this low score? Should I again attempt for next IELTS test? Does anyone have solution to my questions? Please suggest me.

I have few advice and solution regarding your low IELTS band score. You said that you have not expected the overall band scores as you have expected. The first thing I would like to say you is that many test takers can predict correct score they are going to receive in their “IELTS Speaking Module” before they receive the result for the test. The actual score becomes equal to that they have predicted because they can determine themselves how fluent and how correctly did they speak during speaking test.

However, scores predicted for other three modules doesn’t match to the actual score. The test takers take part in test where they answer all the questions in different modules provided to them. They feel they have done well and their overall band score will be high enough to get admitted into abroad universities. Although they hope for the good result, the result may be just opposite. It is because, even though test takers answer all the questions, the probability of answering all questions correctly is very low. From the data analysis of many test takers, it is found that 2/3 test takers can achieve what they expected to get while 1/3 can’t achieve as they have expected. They made mistakes during the test.

You may have suffered from the same problem. Even though, you thought that you have done well in those three modules, you may have made mistakes while answering in the test. There is very less probability of making mistakes by the checkers. The checkers are well experienced, well trained members who hardly make any mistakes while checking.
There are few solutions for the treatment of your low IELTS band score. The first one is ask the university or college or school you are going to attend to consider you with your low IELTS band scores. Many universities, if requested, accept students whoever got less than 0.5 overall band score than the requirement of the institution to be admitted.

The other option would be the requesting for remarking. If you are really disappointed with your IELTS scores and if you are sure that you have done well in your test, then remarking can be fruitful. Remember, it costs you around 2/3 of the actual test fees and takes around 8 to 10 weeks to remark. Also you must request to recheck within 6 weeks from the date of IELTS test. Your valuable time and money can become useless if they finds no mistake during remarking and you will get same result after waiting for over 8 to 10 weeks.

The third option would be simply taking part in IELTS test again. If you have realized that you have made mistakes answering to the questions during the test and if your institution doesn’t accept you with your current IELTS result, then you can appear for retest after increasing your skills in all four modules of the test and after preparing well for the test.

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Test_Spez answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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