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SAT Study Guide
Asked by: Sonia15
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Posted on Sun, 25 May 2008 10:19:08 GMT
Question Description
Somebody, please refer me to the best available SAT study guide on the web. I am planning to take SAT test so my chances of getting admission in American Universities will increase. I also want to know in detail about SAT test. What are the sections in SAT? How much should I score in SAT to get accepted by universities for admission? What is it's scoring pattern? Also suggest some websites which provide free sample Questions for SAT.

SAT test is governed by College Board. SAT refers to Scholastic Assessment Test but it was Scholastic Aptitude Test before.

The duration of SAT test will be of four hours. It costs US Dollar 68 to take this test.

You can find online SAT Study Guide at official SAT website: You can practice for your SAT Test there.

There are three sections in SAT:
1. Critical Reading Section
2. Quantitative Section and
3. Writing Section

Detail scoring pattern for SAT is available at

For sample questions and online practice, I found this website good:

Ok, practice well for your test.

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Dusava answered 9 years and 10 months ago

I found detail SAT Study Guide book on wikibook. I think this book will help you understand structures of SAT. You can also prepare yourself for SAT test using this e-book published at WikiBooks. I've mentioned a link to that book below:

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Brad_Presley answered 9 years and 10 months ago

You better use SAT guide books for SAT practice. I've listed some popular books for SAT practice.

The Princeton: Review, Cracking the SAT, 2008
Price: $15

Kaplan SAT Premier Program
Price: $20

Peterson's Master the Sat 2008
Price: $25

The Official SAT Study Guide
Price: $15

The prices I've mentioned may not be same in all stores. Practice better for SAT with any of these books.

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HelpingHand answered 9 years and 9 months ago

I found SAT Study Guide in PDF format. Download it from here:

You may also find SAT study guide from collegeboard's official website:

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IAmGenius answered 9 years and 9 months ago

Here is the list of SAT Study Guides. But these aren't the online guides.

CliffsNotes Study Guides
For Dummies Study Guides
Barron's Study Guides
The College Board Study Guides
Wiley Study Guides

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hi2al answered 9 years and 9 months ago

"Barron SAT by Ira K. Wolf" is the best SAT study guide for cracking the SAT test.

You can buy this book on

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X-masgift answered 5 years and 3 months ago
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