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How can one prepare for exams like SAT? Are reference books a good option?
Asked by: vk
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Posted on Sat, 21 Jun 2008 15:00:03 GMT
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Studying for SAT has always been a problem. How can one possibly prepare for those difficult vocabulary questions and the essay-type questions?

Reference books are surely the best option to prepare for SAT. With SAT preparation books you’ll get idea and SAT and methods to score more in SAT. The authors of preparation books guide the reader on SAT share ideas they have about SAT.

If you have planned to take SAT test, take a step forward to enrich your vocabulary. Learn at least five new words every day. Play games on vocabulary. There are several online quizzes that you can participate to enhance your vocabulary. Here is the sample test for vocabulary:

To prepare for essay questions, read English newspaper, books, and magazines. Read news stories and figure out important points and their meanings. Once you figure out points, write story on your own. Write on every topics you find and as much as you can. Don’t only write on topics you find easy to write. Put topics you feel difficult on priority. Once you complete writing, give it to friends or your family member to read it and find out errors on it. Once they find errors, rewrite your essay.

Besides these preparation techniques, you can also take SAT preparation classes. SAT preparation classes are available almost everywhere. May be there are some institutions which offer SAT preparation classes in your region too. Once you join SAT preparation program, there’ll be an instructor to instruct you about the test. They’ll experience enough to help you score more in Test you take. Good Luck.

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Test_Spez answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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