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Where can I get an e-book to enrich my vocabulary for TOEFL?
Asked by: poste
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Posted on Thu, 29 Jan 2009 13:41:56 GMT
Question Description
I want to download an e-book to enrich my knowledge of English vocabulary. I am looking for a book that I can be downloaded in PDF format and is capable to help me strengthen my vocabulary skills. So, please suggest me where I can find a book that can help me build-up vocabulary for my TOEFL iBT test.

There are different methods of enriching you vocabulary. First way to do so is: learning words. You may do this by making flash cards or even simply noting down important words. If youíre preparing for TOEFL, you can learn words important for TOEFL through different means. One of the means is practice vocabulary online. You may ask where? Well, there are different websites where you can practice TOEFL vocabulary. Here are some websites:

If you want important words for TOEFL, thatís available here:

You may also download an e-book which contains 400 must have words for TOEFL iBT. Here is the download link:

These 400 words in this e-book are really important for TOEFL. Specially this will help in questions where you have to identify an answer looking the context.

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pclarkson answered 9 years ago
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