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Can I prepare for TOEFL iBT test on my own?
Asked by: Rozze
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Posted on Mon, 26 Jan 2009 03:53:53 GMT
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I am wondering if Iíll be able to prepare for TOEFL iBT test on my own. I donít want to join a TOEFL instruction classes because there isnít any good institution near me. Will I be able to prepare for the test by myself if I have a good book to guide me through my preparation?

Preparing for TOEFL iBT test on your own isnít easy. But that isnít impossible. You can get a good TOEFL iBT preparation book and prepare for the test on your own.

You must understand the structure of TOEFL test before you start preparing. I guess you know that there are four sections in TOEFL iBT test, they are: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Each section is scored from 0 to 30. There are different types of passages, lectures, and topics youíll get.

When you join an instruction class, it will be better. However, the instructor can just let you know about some tips and structures of TOEFL. It is your effort on which your test score will depend. The tips instructors give can also be found at the official TOEFL Tips from ETS. For structures of the test, you may look at the official TOEFL website.

So, if you donít intend to join an instruction class, I suggest you to buy a good TOEFL guide or borrow one and start preparing for the test. After youíll do it on your own for about a week, everything will be easy. GOOD LUCK.

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abhijeet answered 9 years and 1 month ago
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