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How to download audios for IELTS listening test?
Asked by: tara
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Posted on Fri, 13 Aug 2010 14:16:54 GMT
Question Description
I just need to know how to download audio for IELTS listening test. Please tell me the websites where I can download the audios for IELTS.

I found these materials in

You can download Mock Listening Paper about Educational Software from this link:

There are 10 questions for this mock listening paper about Educational Software.

You will hear a conversation between a customer and sales representative at a company specializing in educational software in this mock listening paper about Educational Software.


Answer the questions below.

1) For which subject does Mr Burrows need a software program?
2) Where does Mr Burrows work?
3) Which exam are his students studying for?
4) What is Mr Burrows offering this class?
5) How many modules does the course have?
6) What will Rose post to Mr Burrows?
7) How many days will it take to arrive?
8) On what street does Mr Burrows live?
9) What is Mr Burrowís post code?
10) What is Roseís extension number?


1) Mathematics
2) A secondary school
3) College entrace exam
4) Extra practice
5) 8
6) A catalogue
7) Two to three
8) Macquarie Place
9) NSW 2000
10) 367


SR: Good afternoon. Learning Software. This is Rose speaking, how can I help you?

C: Hello Rose, my name is Michael Burrows, I wrote you an email the other day about software for our school.

SR: Ah yes, good afternoon Mr Burrows. Now, as I remember, you are looking for some computer software to use in after-school tutorials for your students?

C: Yes, thatís right. Iím a teacher at a secondary school, and Iím starting up a program to help some of the kids improve their maths scores.

SR: Ok, great. I should let you know that we have two pricing schemes Ė one is for personal use, and the other is for use at educational institutions. The prices for institutional use are higher, of course, but it means that any student at your school will be able to use the software.

C: Yes, I understand. Iíd be interested in that one then. Now, what kinds of programs would you recommend?

SR: Well, first of all, tell me something about your students and their learning needs.

C: Ah, of course. Well, they are all in their last year of school, 16-17 years old, and are worried about the college entrance examinations that they will have to take at the end of this year. Itís not that they are doing poorly in maths; itís more that they want extra practice. We are thinking of spending about three hours a week in the afternoon, for about, erm, four or five months.

SR: I think we have just the thing. Itís a program which is specially designed for the type of questions students are likely to face in university entrance examinations. There are many different subjects, including one focusing on mathematics. Itís called the College Prep series.

C: Sounds good.

SR: The course itself is divided into 8 modules, and each module has 5 lessons. Each lesson takes about an hour to complete, so that means a total of 40 hours of instruction. Now, if you are planning to do three hours over four or five monthsÖ that should be just right.

C: Ok, so with this kind of software, what do I do to get it started? I mean, we have a computer lab at the school, so the computers are thereÖ but Ö

SR: Oh, you neednít worry about that. We have a team of computer specialists who will come by your school, set everything up, and make sure you understand how everything works.

C: Great.

SR: Now, before you make a final decision, Iíd like to send you our catalogue so that you can compare prices and have a look at some of our other software. I want you to be sure that you are buying the product thatís best for your students.

C: Thanks. Have you got my address?

SR: Only your email address. Can you give me your mailing address?

C: Sure, itís 115 (one one five) Macquarie Place.

SR: Ok, One Fifteen Ö Can you spell the name of the street please?

C: Yes, Macquarie - M A C Q U A R I E Ė Place Ė P L A C E.

SR: Macquarie Place. Ok. Thatís Sydney, correct?

C: Yes, post code NSW 2000 (Two thousand)

SR: NSW 2000 (Two triple oh).

C: Yes, thatís it.

SR: Ok, Mr Burrows. So youíll receive our full catalogue in the next two or three days. Have a look through and see if there are any other programs which you think you might like. Then give me a call again, and we can have you come to the office for a demonstration of the software and discuss pricing.

C: Perfect. Thank you for all your help, Rose. Iíll speak to you again soon.

SR: Great, you have our number, but let me give you my extension number so you can reach me directly. Itís 367 (three sixty seven).

C: Extension 367 (three six seven). Ok, thanks again!

SR: Itís my pleasure.

You can practice Listening Module of IELTS with this type of mock listening papers.

For more mock listening papers, visit:

Also, you can get the IELTS listening module practice and preparation materials from this link.

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flyAbroad answered 6 years and 8 months ago
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