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Average SAT Score in Top Undergraduate Business Schools
Asked by: atlanta
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Posted on Sat, 8 Jan 2011 10:55:48 GMT
Question Description
Can I know the average SAT scores in top undergraduate business schools? I want to know how much SAT score I need to score to enter into their programs.

Here is the list of some undergraduate business schools with the range of SAT scores of the students they accepted for admission:

Name of the University: SAT Scores
Massachussetts Insitutue of Technoloogy: 2030-2320
Univeristy of Pennsylvania: 2020-2290
Georgetown University: 1965-2235
Cornell University: 1935-2250
University of California - Berkeley: 1800-2170
Washington University in St Louis: 2085-2295
University of Souther California: 1910-2180
Tulane University of Louisiana: 1870-2110
Emory University: 1960-2240
University of Notre Dame: 1995-2265


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infocity answered 4 years and 10 months ago
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