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How to make demand draft and traveler's check?
Asked by: Waikul
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Posted on Wed, 20 Oct 2010 06:15:18 GMT
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I am an Indian student. I got the student visa of USA recently. Now, I am preparing to fly to USA. My university asked me to bring the demand draft in the name of the university to pay the fees of the university. How can I make demand draft? Where should I go to make it? Also, I heard that it is better to carry traveler's check and some US dollars for my personal expenses during travel. How and where can I make traveler's check in Delhi? Is there any specific agent where I can make draft and traveler's check?

Well, I don't know whether there is any specific procedure to make demand drafts and traveler's checks there in India. But, here in Nepal, we have simple procedures and it is not so difficult to follow such procedures as well. We can go to any national level banks which have the foreign exchange services to make demand drafts and traveler's checks.

The documents they require while issuing the demand draft is the original letter from Ministry of Education of Nepal, original acceptance letter or invoice from university or college abroad stating tuition fees and other expenses, and national ID. If we have all these documents, these bank issue the demand draft in the name of university or college up to the limit as stated in the letter of acceptance or invoice issued by such institutions following the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance of Nepal.

The document that the bank require before issuing the traveler's check is just the passport with visa stamped on it. As per current rules and regulations, the Nepalese nationals are entitled to be issued up to maximum of USD 2000 per visit as a travelerís check. If they want to carry the money on cash, the same rule applies and up to maximum of USD 2000 can be carried on cash.

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Shadev answered 7 years and 4 months ago

how to speak topic traveling in toefl speaking test?

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cloud answered 5 years and 4 months ago
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