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Cheapest colleges and universities in USA for International Students
Asked by: Mustafa
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Posted on Sun, 15 Jun 2008 17:06:12 GMT
Question Description
Which are the cheapest colleges in United States for international students like me? Iím from Lahore in Pakistan. Which colleges in USA have cheapest tuition fee and other charges for student from abroad? It will be even better if someone suggest me list of cheapest colleges in cheapest cities to live. I donít have enough money so if I go abroad to study, Iíll have to go to cheap colleges.

If you're looking for cheap colleges in USA, then you'll probably have to apply to community college in USA. Community colleges are generally have far cheaper tuition fee than that of Universities. But still if you want to go to university, then here I've mentioned some universities with cheapest tuition fees.

University of Florida
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Florida State University
San Diego State University
College of William and Mary
University of Nevada
University of Washington
California State University-Long Beach
University of Virginia
Appalachian State University

If you want to know about community colleges too, I've found this page for you:

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IAmGenius answered 9 years and 9 months ago
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