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Cheapest colleges and universities in UK
Asked by: Aryan
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Posted on Sat, 28 Jun 2008 13:23:20 GMT
Question Description
Which universities and colleges in UK have lowest tuition fees? I want to have the list of universities and colleges in UK with cheapest tuition fees. Will somebody give me the list with name of some cheapest schools in UK for international students? Id be very thankful if someone answers me shortly.

Some of the cheap colleges and universities in UK are:

Leeds Metropolitan University
University of Sunderland
University of Greenwich
Nottingham Trent University
Blackburn College
Swansea Metropolitan University
University of Huddersfield

The universities and colleges I've mentioned above are among the British schools with lowest tuition fees.

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AamirBhai answered 9 years and 8 months ago

List of Cheapest Universities in UK with their Tuition Fees

Heythrop College, University of London
Tuition Fees: £5,938

Glyndwr University
Tuition Fees: £6,950

Liverpool Hope University
Tuition Fees: £6,980

Univesity College Birmingham
Tuition Fees: £7,500

City College Norwich
Tuition Fees: £7,567

Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester
Tuition Fees: £7,645

The University of Bolton
Tuition Fees: £7,900

St Mary's University College, Twickenham
Tuition Fees: £7,900

Writtle College, Chelmsford
Tuition Fees: £7,930

Swansea Metropolitan University
Tuition Fees: £8,000

University of Hertfordshire
Tuition Fees: £8,000

Bishop Grosseteste University College
Tuition Fees: £8,100

UHI Millennium Institute
Tuition Fees: £8,125

Edge Hill University
Tuition Fees: £8,200

Newman University College, Birmingham
Tuition Fees: £8,250

University of Cumbria
Tuition Fees: £8,325

The University of Winchester
Tuition Fees: £8,370

Scottish Agricultural College
Tuition Fees: £8,500

University of Worcester
Tuition Fees: £8,500

University of Sunderland
Tuition Fees: £8,550

Leeds Trinity University College
Tuition Fees: £8,554

Southampton Solent University
Tuition Fees: £8,600

Royal Veterinary College
Tuition Fees: £8,660

University of Gloucestershire
Tuition Fees: £8,615

Harper Adams University College
Tuition Fees: £8,750

The University of Northampton
Tuition Fees: £8,750

Buckinghamshire New University
Tuition Fees: £8,800

University of Derby
Tuition Fees: £8,800

Canterbury Christ Church University
Tuition Fees: £8,880

University College Plymouth St Mark & St John
Tuition Fees: £8,900

University of Plymouth
Tuition Fees: £8,925

University of Bedfordshire
Tuition Fees: £8,950

University of Greenwich
Tuition Fees: £8,950

University of Wales, Newport
Tuition Fees: £8,950

University of Teesside
Tuition Fees: £8,950

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flyAbroad answered 7 years and 5 months ago
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