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Schools for admission with 2.78 undergraduate GPA and 6.0 IELTS score
Asked by: JYOTI
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Posted on Mon, 28 Jul 2008 04:42:09 GMT
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I have obtained 2.78 GPA in BE and 6 IELTS score, if I do GRE, is it possible to get admission at good college? Can you please provide me the list of colleges in which I can get admission after doing GRE and without GRE?

With 2.78 GPA and 6.0 score in IELTS, it is not possible to get into good school. There are few restrictions for you:

Your GPA isnít sufficient for top schools which have indicated their minimum GPA requirement.

6.0 IELTS score is not sufficient in almost all good schools at postgraduate level. 6.0 Score is considered only for undergraduate level by most of the schools.

Taking GRE test will increase your chance for admission at wide range of universities. As your GPA is quite low, you should score good enough in GRE to overcome your low academic GPA. If you score well in GRE, your chance for admission at good universities increases. Where do you intend to study? Is it USA? If yes, IELTS may not be recognized by good US universities. As your IELTS score is low, you better retake IELTS and score at least 7.0 to get into good colleges however if you wish to study in USA, take TOEFL test.

However, with your current status, these universities may accept your for admission:

Cameron University
Fairmont State University
Henderson State University
Idaho State University
Lincoln University
Mountain State University
Salem International University
Stratford University
Trent University

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elearn answered 9 years and 7 months ago
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