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Which is good for M. Tech - Chalmers Technical University or Indian Institute of Technology?
Asked by: ramin
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Posted on Fri, 14 Nov 2008 13:54:57 GMT
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I have finished bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in Iran. I got admission for M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from both Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi).

As I have planned to get scholarship for PhD from one of the top universities of USA like MIT, Berkeley, Stanford…) after finishing my M. Tech. Which choice is better for studying M. Tech, Chalmers or IIT-Delhi?

Technical schools in Sweden are ranked higher than those in India. Studying in Sweden will also help you get a US visa easily to do PhD after your master’s degree there. However, IIT is also a good school. Studying in India will cost you less than studying in Sweden. But for better quality and future assistance, I suggest you to choose Chalmers.

This is my view. Other people may find another institution better than I have chosen. You must choose the institution that you find appropriate in terms of quality and costs.

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elearn answered 9 years and 3 months ago
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