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List of Cheapest Universities in USA but with Good Rank
Asked by: Mark93
Answers: 2
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Posted on Wed, 22 Apr 2009 20:07:29 GMT
Question Description
I want to have the list of universities in USA that are cheap. The universities must have low tuition and living costs but must be categorized in a good level.

Usually, tuition fee rises with the popularity of a university. Higher the university is ranked, higher will its tuition fee be. When total tuition fee and estimated living costs for a year is around $20,000, it is considered cheap for international students. So, following universities are some of the high ranked universities with comparatively low tuition and living fee for international students:

North Carolina State University
University of Wyoming
Utah State University
Louisiana State University
Montana State University
Wayne State University
California State University, Long Beach
Minnesota State University, Mankato
San Diego State University

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MyWorld answered 8 years and 11 months ago

List of low tuition schools in USA

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Lord answered 7 years and 8 months ago
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