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Why to choose Anderson University for MBA?
Asked by: Jerry174
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Posted on Sun, 22 Aug 2010 18:38:41 GMT
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I had applied to Anderson University for my MBA. Iíve got an admission there with scholarship because of my GPA which is 3.08. My GMAT score is 470 and Iíve not taken TOEFL.

I selected this university because my uncle stays nearby where I can stay. Now, how do I convince the visa officer about why I have chosen Anderson University? It is a low ranked university, and I applied on to it.

Please tell me about the questions I may be asked, and how to I convince the consular? You suggestions will be highly appreciated.

My uncle is supporting me for funds.

Thank you.

There is not any hard and fast rule for questions asked by consular in American Embassy. It depends upon their mood generally. However, I would like to share some common questions you may be asked while being interviewed.

1. Why USA?

Prepare positive answers about USA. It can be like: home to top universities in the world, recognition by the employers around the world, good infrastructure, good environment of study for international student, low tuition fees compared to universities of rest of developed countries, low cost of living, etc.

2. Why have you chosen Anderson University? Or what do you know about Anderson University?

Your answer should be based on positive information about Anderson University. Information can be obtained from various sources: like official website of Anderson University, Wikipedia, or other sources.

Sample information obtained from official website of Anderson University:
Anderson University and the Falls School of Business emphasize excellence in teaching, and they have worked hard to assemble a high-quality faculty possessing both the best in academic preparation and a wealth of practical experience. The Falls School of Business faculties are committed and experienced classroom teachers.

As a matter of service, the faculty has made the following commitments:

To provide a high-quality business education that contributes to the studentís current and future effectiveness on the job.

Their first priority is to the students and to quality instruction. The research and consulting that they conduct is done to serve their teaching.

They want their students to succeed. The standards for performance and expectations for student growth will be high, but they will strive to create a caring, supportive environment of study.

Their students should be versed in the latest trends and tools in the field of business. This is only possible if the faculty maintains professional development.

3. Who will sponsor your education? Or how will you for your stay in US?

Say what is true. Don't lie on financial matters. You will be cross questioned if they feel that you are lying. Financial documents play more roles to support your answers. So, prepare good financial documents.

4. Why don't you study this course at your own country?

Think about the problems in your country. It may be like: No quality education, no recognition by employers, poor infrastructure, political - social or other problems, etc.

5. Why have you chosen to study MBA?

Tell the genuine reasons. There can be number of purpose why you chose to study MBA. Be frank.

6. What to you know about subjects taught in MBA?

This is a bit tricky. Counselor will test whether you have researched well about your course or not. They assume that the student who knows about their course in detail as a genuine student and who doesnít know in detail as the student who is just any how trying to enter into their country. So, know well about the subject matters. It is beneficial to yourself if you know more about your course.

7. What will you do after completion of your studies?

This question is related to ties to your country. Counselors always check your intention of returning to your home country. They donít want all international students to enter into their country and later settle down there after completion of their studies. So, always say that you will come back and work in reputed companies.

These are some of the important questions that I personally know by my experience. There may be many other questions. Remember one thing; genuine students never get caught by the consular.

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Chandely answered 7 years and 3 months ago

Anderson University has a good placement records for MBA graduates, so if you want a better job placement opportunity after graduating, you can choose it.

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sultan111 answered 5 years and 11 months ago
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