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Can the visa refused student again reapply for visa?
Asked by: Hafeez
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Posted on Sat, 14 Jun 2008 18:38:43 GMT
Question Description
I have been refused to student visa of UK due to problem in financing documents of my sponsor. Now I have strong financial documents and I think that I should not have any problem to get visa. Can I apply for visa again? Will the consulars issue visa to student who have been once refused by them?

Yes, of course, the student refused earlier can reapply for UK student visa. You said they saw problem with your financial documents and you also realized that problem and seem to have corrected it. Keep in mind that in most cases, especially due to financial reasons, most students are getting refused. The financial matter relating your college or universityís tuition fees must also be reasonable. If the tuition fee seems to be expensive, they will doubt on successful completion of your course in UK. Other thing you have to keep in mind is that they always look for the intention of the student towards coming back home after successful completion of the degree. If they find just a hint that youíre not coming back after completing your degree, simply theyíll deny visa and send you back with refusal letter. If you have made good financial documents with proper proof of origin of funds, income source, funds to support your study and living cost that is at least enough for 1 year and if you have all other documents that proves you are eligible to be issued visa, then obviously there is no way for them other than issuing student visa for you.

Whenever students go for the interview with consular, either itís studentís first time or second or more, they will look each and every documents very strictly and asks you different questions relating to your sponsor, finance, college/university student is going to attend, family questions, sponsorís income source, business related questions, or any question whatever they feel they have to ask. Answering asked questions promptly being relax lead students to be accepted for visa issuance.

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Shariff answered 9 years and 9 months ago
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