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What do we need to show when they ask for transactions in USA visa interview?
Asked by: Rakesh_Shrestha
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Posted on Sun, 8 Jun 2008 04:06:41 GMT
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I am preparing to give visa interview. I am arranging required documents for US Visa Interview. I came to know that the counselors in US Embassy often ask for transaction documents? What do I need to show when they ask me to present the transaction documents?

If the counselor asks you for transaction documents, then be confirmed that he/she has asked for your sponsorís bank accountís transaction for last 6 months. To study in USA, students need to arrange enough funds to support their study and living costs for their whole study period. And, thus before granting visa, counselor would like to see whether you have enough funds to complete your study in US or not through your sponsor bank certificate. There must be enough funds to support your study and living cost for at least 1 year in your sponsor's bank account.

These days, many students from developing countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, Loas,etc started either to prepare the fake bank certificates or deposited large amount of money at bank by borrowing from some other sources for certain time to prepare the bank certificate to show during visa interview. Thus, to check whether the funds shown in bank certificate are sponsorís genuine fund or not, these days counselor asks for the bank statement showing transaction for last 6 months. Counselors assumes that if available funds that is enough to support studentís 1 year study and living costs were deposited before last 6 month, then such funds are genuine.

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visa_expert answered 9 years and 9 months ago
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